Yes! You Heard it Right. Aspirin is the Best Remedy to Avoid Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are like the brown streaks (mostly in brown colors later turned in white color) on the skin specifically on the body’s particular parts like abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips and breast. These scars are not dangerous but only decrease your physical beauty.

As women are so conscious about their beauty and unfortunately women are biggest victim of it and men are affected in rare cases. According to one research fifty percent of women suffered from stretch marks once in their life. There are two main reasons for stretch marks. One reason for stretch marks is pregnancy when your skin is stretched as your ovary size increased in result your skin stretched and scars appeared on skin. And second reason is huge increment or decrement in your weight, ugly brown lines appeared on that portion where skin is stretched. Now question raised, why stretch marks appeared when our skin has flexibility, so the answer is that, minimal stretch in the skin doesn’t do any harm, but when stretching in skin reaches at the extreme point of flexibility of connective tissues located in second layer of skin, damage occur to this layer and stretch marks is the result in this situation. As we all know there are three layers of skin. First layer is epidermis which is visible to us. Middle layer is known as dermis and the inner layer is called hypodermic. Middle layer means dermis layer is highly affected by this stretching. These stretch marks fade away in most cases with the passing time. But many people especially women desperately want to get rid of these stretch marks. So they rush towards the dermatologists and cosmeticians, and ready to pay a huge amount to them. But do you know, there are very easy and highly affected remedies which are a best cure of stretch marks. But remedies are always underrated, they want a chance. Before going to highly expensive treatments through dermatologists, I must say just give a try to home remedies. There are lot of home remedies for removing the stretch marks like the use of olive oil, lemon juice, egg whites by simply applying any one of them on stretch marks. But the most effected is the use of aspirin. Aspirin’s formation is of acetylsalicylic acid is highly affected in removing scars.

Directions for Using Aspirin:

As aspirin is available in almost every home. All you have to do is to take two tablets of aspirin and turn it into powder foam. After that put some drops of water to make a paste. Don’t add too much water. Just give it a paste form. Now apply this paste on the stretch marks. Don’t massage it, just apply as you cover the scars with the paste. Do it on the daily basis. And you will see it starts to show the result in a very short time of two to three weeks. Just try it today and thank us later. We are sure you will never regret by using this magical remedy. Try it and help other by sharing this remedy.

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