Perfect Boil Egg Every Time, it’s Just a Game of Perfect Timing

You have always heard from your parents or from your elders that the breakfast is most important meal of your day. But have you ever asked them why it is so important. After a full night of rest, and having an  empty stomach for almost 8 to 10 hours, now it is the time to start a day where you have to perform a lot of work whether you are a student or doing a job, your body needs an energy to work efficiently. In the morning meal, it is important that your meal should be full of nutrients which are needed for being active and healthy. According to nutritionists, protein should be necessary part of your breakfast meal. But the problem is that morning time is very busy time. As it is the start of the day, everybody has to go to work, they have a very little time for making up the breakfast. But nature has provided us a complete and full of protein easy to made meal and a delicious bites in shape of eggs. Eggs are the enrich source of protein and it is liked by person of every age. You just have to boil it and eat it. Unfortunately, many people face the issue in determining the time of boiling, the preference of eating boiled egg of everyone is different. Some want a liquid yolk, other want pudding like yolk and some want hard boiled. But to determine the timing is difficult. So we found the solution.

How to Make a Perfect Boiled Egg:

Freshness of Egg:

First of all check the freshness of egg because if the egg is not fresh you might not experience the perfect taste and will not get the right amount of protein which it should be in one egg. For checking freshness, all you need is one bowl full of water. Put the egg into the bowl. If egg fully lay down in the bowl, it shows its freshness. If egg’s one edge touches the bottom of bowl, it is just week older and can be edible. If it swims on the top of bowl it means it is rotten.

Boiling Time a Critical Point:

For boiling put an egg in the saucepan, and add water so the egg is fully drowned. And put the sauce pan on the stove at medium flame. Now, the most important thing in boiling is its timing. What type of egg you want is totally based on time of boiling.

  • If you want whites and yolk of egg both somewhat liquidly then boil it only for four minutes after the water boils.
  • For firm but soft whites and pudding like yolk boil the egg for six minutes.
  • For creamy yolk but well done egg whites and yolk you have to boil it for 10 minutes.
  • Hard boil egg needs maximum 15 minutes for desire state.

Some Important Tips While Boiling Egg:

When you are boiling egg, if you put a pinch of salt in boiling water it becomes easy to peel off the shell of egg. If you forget to add the salt then there is another option of putting the boiled egg under the cold water right after removing it from sauce pan.

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