Hugs! What They Mean to You. 10 Hugs and Ten Meanings

Actions speak more than words. Words of love and care surely have importance but your actions tells a lot to your closed ones what you really feel for them. Your actions of love make them feel that they are not alone, there is always someone who care for them and how much they mean to you in your life. Hug is one of the actions in which two or more people hold each other by putting arms around the neck or waist which shows the sense of togetherness. But in different events, hugs have different meanings. They may be formal or informal. Sometimes the way you hug, it shows your deep love and affection and in other way it has some other meaning. Hug is one thing but the way it delivered it has different meaning. After a lots of study, we categorize the hug in 10 different categories.

From casual to deep type of hugs and what it has actual meaning is briefly explained.

  1. Slow and Formal Hug: This type of hug is mostly seen in formal parties where managers meet their bosses or in the family parties where young ones meet their aunties or grandparents.
  2. Cold Shoulder Hug: After long cold argument when friends or colleague patch up and agree to their disagreements, they end up their conversation while hugging by putting their one arm on the waist of other. This type of hug is just for formality to not show their feelings to anyone.
  3. Quick Tight Hug: When you loved someone and he/she has to leave you for some work or trip. For goodbye
  4. , this type of hug shows how much they will miss you in coming days. A tightness in hug shows love and intensity.
  5. Long Tight Hug: This type of hug is happened when you meet someone after a long time. It shows a desperateness that how much you want to meet this person and shows sense of completeness. This type of hug is seen usually between Parents and children and life partners.
  6. Greeting Hug: A simple and short hug at the events, Easters, Christmas etc. to meet and greet the relatives. This type of hug is just a formality for greeting.
  7. Shoulder to Shoulder Hugging: It shows a strong bond between two people. Usually this type of hug is seen between two best or three best friends. It shows how much they mean to each other and what is their importance for each other. Putting your arms around the neck of other is surely the hug of happiness and friendship.
  8. Hug Along Back Rubbing: This hug is for consolation when someone is going through difficult phase in life and to remind one that he/she is not alone in his/her difficult time. Putting an arm on the waist and continuously rubbing it to show your solidarity.
  9. Hug Along Patting the Back: Putting both arms on the back and continuously patting them show the appreciation. To appreciate a person for his/her doing, this type of hug is usually seen to increase his/her confidence.
  10. Wrapping Arms Around Waist: This type of hug shows the love and affection and to make them feel each other that we are both for each other and help each other through every thick and thin.
  11. Eye to Eye Hug: Having a strong connection at one time but not in contact for long time and when two person meet, in this situation this type of hug is seen.
  12. Involving the Whole Body in Hug: Two lovers and life partners have this type of hug to show the love, passion for each other where whole body involved.

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