How Your Sleep Position Can Affect Your Health

How Your Sleep Position Can Affect Your Health

You might not put much thought into the position you tend to fall asleep in, unless you find yourself tossing and turning at 4am or waking up becomes a literal pain in the neck, but did you know that your choice of sleeping position could affect everything from how well your liver functions to how likely you are to have nightmares? However soundly we seem to sleep, we all subtly switch position at least a couple of times an hour as we move through the various sleep stages, according to experts. In fact, during deep non-REM sleep, our brain becomes “aroused” every six to eight minutes, says sleep specialist Dr Chris Seton. These episodes are almost invariably associated with some kind of movement, whether rolling over or simply kicking out a leg. However, we tend to spend most of the night sleeping in the position in which we fall asleep.

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