How False Assumptions About Weight Can Ruin Your Life

Assumptions About Weigh

As far as priorities go, losing weight should be a top concern for those struggling with extra pounds. Improving appearances may be the main reason people choose to shed fat, but other more important goals exist.

Slimming down comes with numerous pronounced health benefits, so focusing on losing weight makes perfect sense for people wanting to improve overall health. Mental health, however, can suffer when you become far too obsessed with shedding pounds.

Assumptions About Weigh

False perceptions about weight loss do exist. These false perceptions cause problems for people who do not realize they are being influenced by inaccurate assumptions. In some cases, a person’s life can suffer greatly when false assumptions guide their perceptions.

The Health/Weight Crisis

One of the worst false assumptions about being overweight would be the belief that a few extra pounds only hampers appearances. Many people are comfortable with being overweight so they do not fret about people’s judgments. Nor do they allow society to impose standards on them. Being comfortable with how you look is fine, but there needs to be an understanding of the dangers of obesity.

Being overweight comes with potential health troubles such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, fatty liver disease, and more. Those who do not consider the adverse health risks associated with being overweight might receive a terrible diagnosis one day. Never forget there can be a price to pay for not taking obesity too seriously.

You Must Look Like A Movie Star

One massive false assumption about weight is the notion that a “perfect” body looks like the physique of a movie star. Chasing a movie star or model’s physique can be an impossible task. For one, famous people train specifically for movie roles in order to look larger-than-life on the screen. They drop their body fat percentage down to incredibly low levels to appear ripped. They do not and cannot maintain such a look all year. The dieting and exercise necessary to succeed in a cutting cycle to look this way require not only a lot of discipline but a great deal of help from a personal trainer and nutritionist.

While famous people can serve as wonderful inspiration for your weight loss goals, you may wish to think twice about trying to emulate their look. Duplicating such a physique just may not be realistic nor would it even be necessary.

Crash Diets are Necessary and Work

Cutting pounds rapidly through a crash diet isn’t necessary. And crash diets are not likely to work for you anyway. Crash diets, essentially, are diets that rely on massive calorie restrictions. Such diets do cause you to drop a few pounds, but a lot of those pounds are water-weight. Some fat goes, but not as much as desired. Plus, crash diets don’t lead to long-term weight loss and a healthier life. Cutting too many calories too soon leads to hunger pangs and binge eating. Crash diets simply set you up for failure.

And besides, why do you need to drop a lot of weight quickly? Psychologically, you may wish to lose pounds as fast as possible. Honestly, there’s no reason to try and cut pounds too quickly. Yet, people prescribe to the unfortunate assumption that weight has to come off as quickly as possible in order to address their anxieties. The slowly-but-surely approach to losing weight would be a far better and likely healthier one. Losing weight in a gradual manner improves the chances of permanent weight loss.

Shedding pounds and keeping them off should prove more rewarding that suffering the “yo-yo experience” of losing and gaining weight over and over again. Any decent healthy diet and exercise plan should assist with this goal. Supplements with protein for muscle building, carrageenan for antioxidants and good carbohydrates for energy may support dietary changes.

Don’t Feel Depressed

Becoming depressed over weight loss struggles doesn’t help the cause very much. Listening to false beliefs about proper weight loss can lead to feeling despondent. Stick with proven, healthy strategies for weight loss and don’t become too anxious about shedding pounds.

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