4 Benefits of Maintaining Good Oral Health

While maintaining the overall health of your body both mentally and physically is essential, keeping good oral hygiene is essential. The objective of having oral health is to prevent buildup and formation of tartar and plaque, the prevention of periodontal disease and dental caries. A clean mouth will also keep halitosis at bay. Multiple surveys from many patients have indicated clearly that most people are unaware of the importance of maintaining oral hygiene and how oral health is connected to the general health of a human being. For instance, results from research that was carried out by the American Dental Association in 2012 on oral health inferred that a huge percentage of the American populace was not aware of the fundamentals of proper dental care. The study also showed that most people were clueless about the recommended time frame to replace their toothbrush and were also unaware of the factors that cause dental caries.

Another study carried out by the Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) found that over half of all the people who are above 30 years old in the US have some form of periodontal disease. Although having routine oral check-ups is critical, only 44.5% of the adults in the US visit their dentists on a regular basis for a check-up. Studies in the dental field have shown that people who don’t maintain the proper oral hygiene standards are at a greater risk of developing oral conditions such as dental caries or the periodontal disease. Diseases such as halitosis and discomfort for people who wear dentures have been directly related to poor dental hygiene. Moreover, some medical studies have associated some forms of mouth cancer to poor dental hygiene and poor oral health.

In this article, we are going to highlight the advantages of maintaining proper dental hygiene and health at all times.

Healthy Gums

When you maintain good oral hygiene, the chances are that you will have healthy gums. Taking care of your gums on a regular basis means that you will prevent the growth of bacteria in your gums. Oral bacteria leads to gum diseases that can sometimes be very infectious. Gum diseases are the leading cause of loss of teeth in the majority of adults. Regular brushing of your teeth using a soft and bristles toothbrush at least twice a day will help maintain your gums in a healthy state. It will also help to visit your dentist regularly so they can let you know if you have anything to worry about. Make sure you visit a dentist like Dentist Calgary at least once a year. It has also been found out that eating a balanced diet goes a long way in strengthening your teeth and gums.

Preventing Oral Cancer

Developing good dental habits and maintaining high levels of hygiene in your mouth will keep mouth cancers at bay. Regular dental check-ups along with proper drinking and eating habits are fundamental to prevent oral cancers. Regular visits to your local dentist will play a vital role in preventing oral cancers as dentists will be able to diagnose the growth of oral malignant tissue. Any symptoms of the development of oral cancerous cells should be reported to your dentist as early as possible.

Good Physical Health

Multiple research has inferred that the inflammation of gums due to oral infections is a leading cause of diabetes and heart conditions. Poor health standards for your mouth may directly lead to the growth and multiplication of bacteria which is a chief source of inflammation. Moreover, periodontal diseases that are caused by poor oral hygiene affect the metabolism of carbohydrates. This may consequently lead to increased secretion of insulin by the pancreas which leads to diabetes.

Teeth Free of Cavities

The deposition of plaque and cavities are the most common problems that are encountered by human dental formulas. Both children and adults experience these conditions. It is advisable to avoid binge drinking and smoking. It is also not healthy to consume very sugary desserts, too hot or cold drinks.

How False Assumptions About Weight Can Ruin Your Life

As far as priorities go, losing weight should be a top concern for those struggling with extra pounds. Improving appearances may be the main reason people choose to shed fat, but other more important goals exist.

Slimming down comes with numerous pronounced health benefits, so focusing on losing weight makes perfect sense for people wanting to improve overall health. Mental health, however, can suffer when you become far too obsessed with shedding pounds.

Assumptions About Weigh

False perceptions about weight loss do exist. These false perceptions cause problems for people who do not realize they are being influenced by inaccurate assumptions. In some cases, a person’s life can suffer greatly when false assumptions guide their perceptions.

The Health/Weight Crisis

One of the worst false assumptions about being overweight would be the belief that a few extra pounds only hampers appearances. Many people are comfortable with being overweight so they do not fret about people’s judgments. Nor do they allow society to impose standards on them. Being comfortable with how you look is fine, but there needs to be an understanding of the dangers of obesity.

Being overweight comes with potential health troubles such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, fatty liver disease, and more. Those who do not consider the adverse health risks associated with being overweight might receive a terrible diagnosis one day. Never forget there can be a price to pay for not taking obesity too seriously.

You Must Look Like A Movie Star

One massive false assumption about weight is the notion that a “perfect” body looks like the physique of a movie star. Chasing a movie star or model’s physique can be an impossible task. For one, famous people train specifically for movie roles in order to look larger-than-life on the screen. They drop their body fat percentage down to incredibly low levels to appear ripped. They do not and cannot maintain such a look all year. The dieting and exercise necessary to succeed in a cutting cycle to look this way require not only a lot of discipline but a great deal of help from a personal trainer and nutritionist.

While famous people can serve as wonderful inspiration for your weight loss goals, you may wish to think twice about trying to emulate their look. Duplicating such a physique just may not be realistic nor would it even be necessary.

Crash Diets are Necessary and Work

Cutting pounds rapidly through a crash diet isn’t necessary. And crash diets are not likely to work for you anyway. Crash diets, essentially, are diets that rely on massive calorie restrictions. Such diets do cause you to drop a few pounds, but a lot of those pounds are water-weight. Some fat goes, but not as much as desired. Plus, crash diets don’t lead to long-term weight loss and a healthier life. Cutting too many calories too soon leads to hunger pangs and binge eating. Crash diets simply set you up for failure.

And besides, why do you need to drop a lot of weight quickly? Psychologically, you may wish to lose pounds as fast as possible. Honestly, there’s no reason to try and cut pounds too quickly. Yet, people prescribe to the unfortunate assumption that weight has to come off as quickly as possible in order to address their anxieties. The slowly-but-surely approach to losing weight would be a far better and likely healthier one. Losing weight in a gradual manner improves the chances of permanent weight loss.

Shedding pounds and keeping them off should prove more rewarding that suffering the “yo-yo experience” of losing and gaining weight over and over again. Any decent healthy diet and exercise plan should assist with this goal. Supplements with protein for muscle building, carrageenan for antioxidants and good carbohydrates for energy may support dietary changes.

Don’t Feel Depressed

Becoming depressed over weight loss struggles doesn’t help the cause very much. Listening to false beliefs about proper weight loss can lead to feeling despondent. Stick with proven, healthy strategies for weight loss and don’t become too anxious about shedding pounds.

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7 Key Tips to Protect Your Feet This Winter

Pros and Cons of Winter

The winter season is usually considered to be one of the most exciting seasons because people look forward to the joy of the holidays that it brings. In addition to enjoying all the beautiful white blankets of snow as a winter favorite, it is also during this time of the year that people tend to spend more time with family and reflect upon the many things to be appreciative for in life. Indeed, the winter is a very fun-filled and high-spirited season, however, the winter is also the driest season and such cold weather can be extremely harsh on the skin—particularly the feet.

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Importance of Feet Maintenance

Although the cold winter calls for wearing layers of clothing, tall boots, and the covering up of skin that will be invisible to other people, it doesn’t mean that one should abandon taking care of their skin and their feet. The importance and the necessity of maintaining the health of the feet should not be overlooked because essentially, your feet enable you to walk and this means of mobility should be good enough reason to take care of your feet in order to prevent odor, fungus, and infection. The skin on the feet tends to be thicker than the rest of the skin on the body; therefore, the feet require extra attention for treatment. There are several ways that you can help to protect your feet during the winter and they include the following:

1. Prevent Damp Environment

Wearing boots and thick socks throughout the winter can often cause the feet to sweat and having damp feet, especially during the winter, is something you want to avoid at all cost. Not only does having sweaty feet promote foot odor and cause your feet to become even colder, but the dampness contributes to breaking down the skin to enable bacteria to enter the skin and infection to set in. To prevent having sweaty feet, be sure to wear moisture-wicking socks that allow the evaporation of moisture and change your socks throughout the day when needed.

2. Exfoliate and Moisturize

Indeed, the soles of the feet consist of a thick layer of skin that can often make the feet appear and feel rough. Rather than having sweaty feet, which is bad, you do want to have soft and moisturized feet. To properly moisturize your feet, exfoliate your feet with either a foot scrub or pumice stone prior to applying a foot cream. Although it is highly recommended to moisturize your feet daily during the winter, exfoliation only needs to be done every so often.

3. Soak Your Feet

Occasionally soaking the feet in a foot bath is known to be a great contributor in the maintenance of healthy feet. With foot baths, Epsom salt (combination of magnesium and sulfate) is commonly used for its wonderful healing properties. In addition to its ability to relax muscles, eliminate odor, soothe dry skin, and heal foot fungus, Epsom salt also has the ability to alleviate inflammation, increase blood circulation, and flush out toxins in the skin. Foot baths are also considered to be a great hidradenitis suppurativa treatment for individuals diagnosed with the condition and are suffering from sore feet. To enjoy the healing properties of this ingredient, all you have to do is soak your feet in a bath of warm water and one cup of Epsom salt for about 20 minutes.

4. Foot Massages

Whether it is done by yourself or someone else, getting frequent foot massages has many benefits for foot health. For many people, the winter time tends to trigger stiff joints and arthritis flare-ups and in so saying, receiving foot massages will increase blood flow in the feet to reduce these symptoms. Nevertheless, foot massages just feel great and boost your mood in general.

5. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have numerous healing benefits including their use as antiseptics, anti-fungal and odor-eliminating properties, and the ability to relieve muscle aches. There are a variety of essential oil scents to choose from including lavender, wintergreen, cedarwood, juniper, and rosemary. To use essential oils, apply a few drops in a bottle of water and mist over the feet or rub directly on the feet, allow your feet to dry, and go about your day.

6. Wear Suitable Shoes

A lot of the ankle sprains, broken bones, and heel and toe pain that people suffer from throughout the winter can be attributed to injuries sustained from falls due to their wearing improper shoes for traction on the snow and ice. It is very critical to wear shoes that are suitable for wear in winter conditions to prevent injuring your feet.

7. Water and Supplements

Magnesium, calcium, and potassium are great supplements to take to help reduce the foot cramping that is usually brought on by the harsh winter cold. By drinking plenty of water and taking these supplements, you will be helping to prevent dehydration, dry skin, and muscle aches.

Love Your Feet

Certainly, foot health is a very critical component to overall health, yet many people tend to overlook foot health as being a priority in comparison to other health factors. The winter time is exciting, but the cold elements can be harsh on the joints and skin and as a result of this, the feet need extra attention and love during this time. This winter, take care of your feet and you will definitely reap the benefits and feel better about yourself.

Why are Inversion Tables Good for You?

Inversion Tables Good

Whether you live a sedentary or the most active lifestyle, you’re bound to suffer from back pain at one point in your life. You, therefore, need to prepare yourself psychologically if you haven’t experienced it yet.

Inversion therapy has been around for decades. With research and studies done, doctors, physical trainers, and physical therapists recommend it to their clients.

Inversion Tables Good

During inversion, you use gravity to treat some of the ailments you may have. Inversion therapy isn’t just for back pain or any spinal related ailments. It can be used for general body healing for pain, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, mental and even physical health. Find out reasons why inversion tables are good for you.

Prevents unnecessary spinal surgery

Anytime you suffer from any kind of back pain, the first solution is usually surgery. For those who have never had surgery, it’s never a wonderful experience. You get sore for months, you’re advised to take a bed rest and you may get re-infected.

With an inversion table, however, you can use it on a regular basis. If this is your routine, you may just escape getting those invasive surgeries. Plus it will save you so much time and money.

It repairs discs and relieves nerve pain

The number one cause of back pain other than strain is herniated discs. These discs are your spine’s shock absorbers. So with age or physical activities, gravity gets to work too well on them.

When this happens, the discs slip or rupture and this causes unending pain. Using an inversion table helps in decompressing the discs to allow them to move back to where they’re supposed to be.

If you also suffer from Sciatica or other nerve pain, an inversion table will work miracles for you. The same way it ‘repairs’ the herniated discs, it will help your muscles and ligaments relax after being filled with plenty of oxygen, fluid, and nutrients.

Say goodbye to those unannounced headaches

If you get unnecessary headaches, don’t take painkillers, you need an inversion table. The headaches could be as a result of muscle spasms around the neck or shoulders and the spine.

When you use an inversion table, those muscles spasms significantly reduce. It also helps you to distress allowing for easier and faster blood flow to the head.

Every time you invert, your lymphatic system starts working again. This allows for your body to eliminate the toxins that cause headaches.

Your respiratory system improves

Every time you invert, there’s enough blood circulation to the lungs and this improves your lung function. When your lungs work exceptionally well, oxygen is quickly passed through your body.

When this happens, your sinuses are cleared as they get enough blood with oxygen. This keeps your nasal passages moister, therefore, improving breathing.

More inversion means easier breathing. This is because your diaphragm gets stronger as you take controlled breaths and hold them longer. You’ll also get to fully utilize your lower lungs allowing it to collect enough oxygen to circulate to the rest of your body.

Your heart works at optimal levels

The baseline of using inversion tables is improved circulation even if you have a herniated disc. When you’re inverted, the heart doesn’t work as hard as when you’re upright.

This allows the heart to ‘take a break’ as blood freely moves around your body. This then eliminates blood-related diseases like varicose veins.

Your posture improves

Bad posture weakens your spine and the muscles around it. This is what causes the back pain you’re suffering from.

Going back to sit with the correct posture can be really hard as the brain is used to those muscles being weak. This is where the inversion tables come in. It’s the best and quickest ways to improve your posture as your muscles will be oxygenated and refreshed.

Helps in physical fitness

If you love working out, you can still use inversion tables to improve your body. When you invert, your flexibility and motion improve as blood and oxygen flow to every part of your body.

This also helps in improving the functionality of your joints. After intense work out sessions, the table will speed up the recovery process to prevent even more problems.

With inversion therapy, you also get more sleep as every muscle and ligament in the body will feel refreshed. A good night’s sleep helps in improving your physical health.


Inversion therapy is one of the safest and cheapest ways to treat any spinal or physical pain you suffer from. To get the most out of inversion, you need to have the best inversion table that is comfortable enough.

It’s not recommended to get onto one unless your doctor gives you a go-ahead. You also need to know that you shouldn’t stop taking the drugs for your back. Inversion tables are meant to supplement them.

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3 Healthy Resolutions for the New Year

Healthy Resolutions

The start of a new year is upheld by many as being a very valuable time in their lives because it signifies and marks a turning point to do better with self and with others. At the end of the year, people normally utilize this time to evaluate and make challenges for themselves via resolutions for the upcoming year.

Healthy Resolutions

As a part of these resolutions, some people tend to focus more on attaining material possessions, while others will desire to be more in-tune with self by developing a deeper intellect for self-awareness and being physically healthy. Certainly, in contrast to any material object that limits the derivative of an individual’s happiness, the aspiration to be in good health will always remain a top new year’s resolution because so many people realize that being healthy is priceless and only true self-satisfaction is achieved through it.

To help you stay both physically and mentally fit in the new year, try considering these three healthy resolutions.

Eating Better

As a resolution, many people propose to live healthier lifestyles by eating better. Eating better entails the elimination or significant reduction in bad sugars and fats from one’s diet and replacing them with more nutritious choices like organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Nevertheless, when it comes to eating healthy and consuming nutritious meals, one must also remember to manage their vitamin and mineral intake. Although people can choose to eat healthier foods, people can still have vitamin and mineral deficiencies if their diet isn’t well-balanced.

One such mineral that people tend to overlook that has excellent overall health benefits is selenium. This mineral—which can be found in some cereals, nuts, fish, eggs, and mushrooms—contributes to the prevention of cancer, stops heart disease, boosts the immune system, slows the signs of aging, and balances hormones within the body . However, in terms of health maintenance, this mineral is but one of many that the body requires on a daily basis.

Do make it a priority to be on a health journey in the new year, but also do your research on food. You should research the quality of foods to ensure that you are giving your body all it needs for you to feel your best.

Staying Active

The desire to be physically fit by staying active is another popular New Year’s resolution aimed at improving health. This new year, in addition to either increasing or adding an exercise routine to your schedule, strive to be more active by participating in fun activities with friends and family. So many people let tasks and business comprise their entire lifestyle that they forget to make the health of themselves a priority.

Exercising and staying active works wonders for overall health because it enables the body to maintain a healthy weight, it strengthens the body, prevents diseases, and boosts your mood.

Avoiding Stress

Alongside the need to eat healthier and stay active in the new year, one must also remember that stress plays a major part in the status of an individual’s health condition by contributing to the onset of disease; therefore, definitely make it a resolution to avoid stress at all costs this year. Stress affects all of the body systems including cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, and musculoskeletal due to the fact that stress causes you to breathe faster, the heart rate to increase, muscles to tighten, and most critically—the blood pressure to spike. Don’t risk your health by being stressed out. Try to remain happy by focusing on the positives in life.

Remain Adamant

Indeed, many people will make resolutions and propose to better themselves in the new year, but fail to carry out their goals for the entire year. If you are truly serious about your health and longevity, don’t let other things or people sidetrack you. Remain adamant and make yourself a priority this year. You can live life based on pure happiness and service as a source of inspiration for others.

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How Healthy Are Vegan Diets For You Heart?

Vegan Diets

Taking care of our hearts is one of the most important things we can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. New research suggests that one of the most effective ways of promoting good heart health is through a vegan diet. While this might not sound like a very tempting lifestyle for meat lovers, the benefits are impressive enough to make some reconsider going vegan.

Vegan Diets

Studies Indicate Plant-Based Diets Hold the Greatest Benefits

New results from research released by the American Heart Association suggests that vegan diets hold the greatest benefits in promoting better heart health. The study found that individuals who relied more predominantly on plant-based vegan diets were 42% less likely to experience heart failure than those who consumed fast foods, pastas, and alcoholic beverages.

Researchers found that diets that rely primarily on the consumption of dark, leafy foods, legumes, whole grains, fish, and fruits were far less likely to develop heart disease. Meanwhile, those who consumed foods high in trans fats, saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, and processed meats were at the greatest risk of experiencing heart failure. Dr. Kyla Lara, a researcher associated with the study, said following a vegan diet may even prevent heart failure in those who haven’t already experienced it.

Why Does a Vegan Diet Work?

A vegan diet works as much for what it doesn’t provide as for what it does provide. Certainly, the cornucopia of vitamins and minerals found in natural foods benefits the heart, decreasing inflammation and increasing blood flow, but that’s not where the benefits end. Foregoing animal meat means we’re not taking in all of that harmful cholesterol and were significantly reducing the saturated fats from our diets. Additionally, processed meats and cheeses, as well as non-vegan snack foods, are generally very high in sodium. Eliminating these foods reduces sodium intake, which is also important in promoting healthier hearts.

While going vegan may seem daunting at first, there are services and nutritional websites capable of helping you make the transition. If you’re sensitive to gluten, participating in a gluten free meal delivery plan can help you develop healthier meals with the convenience of prepared foods. Generally, however, sticking to natural foods and avoiding meats and processed foods is a basic way to get acclimated to a fully vegan lifestyle. Look for foods high in soluble fiber content, because these types of foods have the added benefit of reducing LDL cholesterol levels.

Mediterranean Diets Add Flavor to the Vegan Diet

A vegan diet can be unsatisfying, particularly because it usually requires foods that are bland and unseasoned. That’s not so with a Mediterranean diet. The Lyon Diet Heart Study found that Mediterranean diets reduced heart failures and heart-related fatalities by up to 70%, when compared to the standard vegan diet promoted by the American Heart Association.

In a Mediterranean diet, there’s a focus on meals heavy in fish, nuts, olive oil, beans, vegetables, and poultry. Meals may also contain red meat, butter, and creams, but only in very small amounts. Dr. Walter Willett, who is a professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health, says this type of diet isn’t as restrictive as a true vegan diet, but may produce similar benefits, suggesting this can be a better option for those unwilling to completely embrace a vegan lifestyle.

For those needing variety in their diet, Dr. Willett suggests rotating from a vegan diet to a Mediterranean diet, as desired. In either case, he adds that the typical American style diet is not a good alternative.

As more studies reveal the benefits of plant-based diets, healthier lifestyles may include a complete elimination of red meats and processed foods. Certainly, these early studies have already pointed us in that direction, urging healthier hearts through the elimination of saturated fats and foods rich in cholesterol. By adopting a healthier meal plan, individuals can reduce the likelihood of developing heart problems and diabetes.

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Four Simple Tips for Living the Healthiest Lifestyle Possible

healthy lifestyle

Being healthy takes more than just going for a short walk once in a while, or eating an occasional salad. Although it requires some effort, the payoff is worth it. We all want to be healthy, but life has its hurdles that often keep our priorities and good intentions jumbled. However, by following some guidelines, we can live healthy lives. Here are four ideas to help you live a healthy, happy life.

healthy lifestyle
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1. Eat a healthy diet

This is one of the foundations of healthy living. Remember, once you implement it, it will make your life better and will offer you lots of other benefits as well.

Eat foods that contain minimal amounts of sugar and unhealthy fats. Unhealthy fats include saturated fats and trans fats. These fats elevate your LDL cholesterol levels, a substance that has been linked to increased risks of heart disease.

Foods with high levels of saturated fats include full-fat dairy products, red meat, pizza, and cheese. Although coconut oil has saturated fat, it can also increase good cholesterol. So you should use it in moderation.

Foods with high trans fats levels include fried foods, baked foods, frozen pizza, and foods prepared using partially hydrogenated fats such as margarine and shortening.

Eat whole foods instead of processed foods. Whole foods include:

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits—they contain lots of vitamins and minerals.
  • Beans, tofu, and lean meat—they have a high protein content.
  • Whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, and quinoa.

2. Exercise

Most people don’t always want to hear about this, but it is true. Moderate exercise is beneficial to your life. Performing cardiovascular and strength training of any kind will not only improve your health, but it will also make you look younger and feel better. If you have not already started an exercise regimen, take it up as soon as you can.

Ask your friend or spouse to accompany you for regular walks, or hire a local gym trainer to help you with your fitness. It can be a challenge to start a new routine, however, once you take the first steps, it gets easier as time goes, and you will start enjoying it.

As you exercise, consider getting yourself some form of health insurance to cover you in case of illness or injuries. You can find health insurance quotes online from reputable insurance providers’ websites.

3. Get sufficient sleep

Most people are too busy to realize how important sleep is for a healthy life. Studies indicate that every person needs to sleep for at least seven to eight hours—at night. Remember, sleeping during times when the body is not designed to sleep is just as bad as sleeping for less than the recommended duration. Interrupting the sleep schedule causes the body not to produce melatonin, the hormone that causes us to feel sleepy, in the right quantities, or stops producing it entirely.

Sleep is also a vital remedy for particular problems such as overeating and stress. Well-rested individuals have greater control of their appetite.

4. Form healthy relationships and practice mindfulness

Spend a good time with yourself by having a quiet time and meditating. Meditate for at least 20 minutes each day. Also, take time to reflect, pray, read something inspirational, or write a journal because these give your body, soul, and spirit time to feel relaxed and nurtured. Ideally, your quiet time puts you more in tune with your intuition and helps you to adjust and cope with stressful situations as they come. Developing a morning quiet time can significantly transform your life.

Also, Build meaningful relationships with friends and family. Studies show that loneliness usually leads to depression, and lonely people are at higher risk of developing heart disease. Building healthy relationships with others helps keep your mind active; it stimulates the brain and reduces the risk of dementia.

A human being has a soul, body, and spirit. All these components need to be functional and healthy for you to achieve good overall health and well-being. Thus, eat a healthy diet; exercise regularly; get sufficient sleep, and have a daily quiet time, and you will realize a dramatic change in your life as you get healthier every day.

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Effective Remedies to Treat Arthritis Pain Naturally

effective Remedies

A group of degenerative and painful conditions that are characterized by inflammation in the joints is defined as arthritis. This can cause pain and stiffness and there are several kinds of arthritis that people can experience in their life. For instance, rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the immune system begins attacking the joints because it considers them as foreign tissue. Therefore, it is considered to be an autoimmune disease. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which is caused due to wear and tear over time and it only worsens with age. Traditionally, arthritis was treated by doctors with painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications, but some of them have serious side effects.

Effective Remedies to Treat Arthritis Pain Naturally

This is one of the top reasons why people prefer to take a more natural approach for addressing arthritis. If you are looking for effective remedies to treat arthritis pain naturally, you can use the following:

effective Remedies
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Lose weight

The amount of pain you experience when you have arthritis can vary as per your weight. More weight means your joints are under more pressure, especially your hips, knees and feet. Hence, losing weight can reduce the stress on your joints, decrease pain, improve mobility and prevent any further damage.

More exercise

Exercise is not just good for losing weight. You can maintain flexibility in your joints through regular exercise. Don’t go for weight-bearing exercises like walking and running. It is a better idea to opt for low-impact ones like swimming or water aerobics because these flex your joints and don’t add any more stress.


This is an ancient Chinese practice in which needles are inserted into specific points on the body for restoring balance and rerouting energies. It is believed that there are certain points that, when manipulated, can reduce arthritis pain to a huge extent.

Cold and hot therapy

When it comes to arthritis pain, you will come to know that the combination of cold and hot therapies can make a world of difference. Cold treatments are great for relieving inflammation, swelling and joint pain. Wrap a bag of frozen vegetables or gel ice pack in a towel and apply it to the aching joints to get quick relief. The stiffness in your joints can also be eased with the help of warm and long showers or baths, particularly in the morning. A moist heating pad or an electric blanket can keep your joints loose at night.

Fatty acids

You have to incorporate omega-3 fatty acids in your diet for maintaining optimum health. These fats are also handy for dealing with arthritis. You can reduce joint pain and stiffness by taking fish oil supplements that are high in omega-3 fatty acids. GLA or gamma-linolenic acid is another fatty acid that can aid in this regard.

Turmeric and Ginger

This is the yellow spice that’s often used in Indian dishes. It comprises of a chemical called curcumin, which can be great for combating arthritis pain. This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the inflammation in your joints. Likewise, ginger also has chemicals that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on the body, which can reduce the pain and stiffness in your joints.


One of the best natural treatments for improving your range of motion and alleviating the stiffness and pain in your joints is a massage. You can find experienced physical therapists who have worked with arthritis patients before and they will use essentials oils for massaging your aching joints in order to provide you pain relief.

You can use a combination of these remedies for relieving arthritis naturally and without any side effects.