Can You Believe It? Big Butt in Just 28 Days. Just 3 Exercises Can Change Your Looks

3 Exercise 4-Weeks Big Butt Challenge

It is said that looks are not important, your heart should be pure. But we will say no matter how good you are at your heart, your looks do matter. The first thing people look at you is your physical appearance. It is wrong when you said, we born ugly. Born ugly is not your choice but living without enhancing your beauty totally depends upon you. Many men and women use medicines to look perfect, for glowing skin, to enhance the beauty of certain part of the body. But those medicines do harm to body in the long term and have lots of side effects. Having a big butt both in men and women are appreciated. Because it makes you attractive and your body shows curve which attracts the opposite gender. But medication and chemical drinks are not solution for enhancing beauty. There is a natural method in form of exercises. No side effects but have positive effects like exercise strengthens your muscles, makes you more active and healthy.

3 Exercise 4-Weeks Big Butt Challenge


3 simple exercises and you will get bubbly bigger butt. Do these 3 exercises for approximately a month. And you will notice the unbelievable results. Our butt has three types of muscles and therefore there are three exercises. Each exercise strengthens each muscle.  The three magical exercises are as follow.

  1. Maximus muscle needs lunges work to strengthen it
  2. Medimus (middle muscle) needs jumping jack work to strengthen it
  3. Minimus muscle needs squats work for strengthening it.

How To Do The Exercise:

Jumping Jack:

Many trainers use this exercise to warm up their clients. It is perfect for beginners and also strengthen your medimus muscle in your butt. All you have to do is to stand straight and leave your arms free alongside. And then jump in air by pulling the hands upward. From standing still and then straight to jumping in air and then opening the legs it’s a 1 jumping jack. And doing it five times continuously is called a one set. You have to do 5 sets each day in one time.


This exercise does not only helpful for strengthening the Maximus muscle of butt but also strengthen your thighs. All you have to do is to stand straight, strengthen your abs, chin up and put the weight on your butt. Now put one step forward and bend down so that both legs make the angle of 90 degree by putting the weight on your knees.  When you are done with it, return to starting position and do the same with opposite leg. Do it five times in a set. And two sets daily will strengthen your muscle.


This is exercise to strengthen the most inner muscle of butt which is minimus. You have to stand straight with legs and butt apart. Try to strengthen the whole body and put your hands on your head so that your arms are parallel to the ground. Equal weight should be on both arms. Now bend your knees forward. And put weight on your butt and lower down the butt as low as much you can. Now weight for 2 to 3 seconds and come back to the straight form. Do it 2 to 3 times in a set. And do 3 sets in a day.

Apart from these exercises, there are many other ways to strengthen your butt muscles like running, cycling, swimming but these exercises mentioned above are approved most effective ones.

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