Add Some Old But Gold Remedies in Your Routine and Cleanse Your Lungs in Easy and Healthy Way

Add Some Old But Gold Remedies in Your Routine and Cleanse Your Lungs in Easy and Healthy Way

Breathing is a sign of life. It is seem as a normal action of our body but when we face a problem in breathing, at that time we realize the importance of lungs. Lungs, one of the most important organs of our body. Through lungs we inhale fresh air from our environment, oxygen then runs in our blood stream and helps our organs to work properly and exhale the carbon dioxide from body. But do you ever think of cleansing the lungs as it works 24 hours a day and never take rest. And its cleansing is important, if anything bad happen to it, taking breathe will become a horrible task for us. To keep the lungs healthy, we have to take care of them. There are some natural and easy ways which strengthen and cleanse our lungs from toxins. Most important and most effective natural remedies are as follow:

Breathe in Fresh Air:

Wake up early in the morning and go for walk in some open and green area. Take a deep breathe in fresh air as you feel that your lungs are full of oxygen and then slowly exhale as all the toxin effects are getting out of your body. Doing it daily keeps your lungs healthy and help them work properly.

Yoga and Saunas:

Spending time in the moisturized and steamy room for some time is called Saunas. It helps to detoxify your body and clean it. And yoga also help you in this purpose as its main purpose is to breathe deeply. Both are helpful for improving the health of lungs.

Oregano as a Lung Cleanser:

Oregano is a special herb which is widely used in the cure of many body dysfunctions. But its main effort is observed in treating the respiratory disorder. Method of using it is as simple as drinking green tea. Just you have to put some oregano in boiled water and drink it 3 times a week. You will surely see results.

Herbs Used for Cleansing the Lungs:

Lemon: As lemon is used to detoxify the body, it surely helps to cleanse the lungs. Add one lemon into room temperature water and drink it before breakfast daily.

 Ginger: Ginger is widely used for the cure of respiratory disorders. Just add some Ginger water drops in water and drink it whenever you feel discomfort in breathing.

Pepper Mint: Pepper mint leafs help you to kill those bacteria which are harmful for lungs. Chewing 2 to 3 leafs a day will improve your lungs health.

Green Tea: This will help your lungs to work in proper way, just add them in your daily food routine.

Moreover, add those fruits and vegetables in your daily routine which are rich in water and friend of your lungs. There are fatty fish, carrots, nuts and beans etc. which are actually beneficial for your lungs. And if you are habitual of smoking, just try to stop it, it will destroy your lungs with its tar and nicotine. And try to avoid to live in air polluted areas for long time. Use precautionary measure for working in those factories where harmful gases excrete in a large amount.

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