7 Days without Love Making? Unwanted Things on Your Way to Affect Your Body

Have you ever think of your intimate relationships more than just a source of pleasure. Nature’s natural methods just don’t have only those advantages which we see but they have indirect benefits which we cannot see. Natural procedures like sex don’t only provide you pleasure. We just think making love as our source of satisfaction but it is more than just some joyful moments. It made a drastic positive changes in your body and rescue you from dangerous diseases. It is helpful for your mental and physical health. Be regular in this activity makes you healthy. And avoiding it for no reason can lead you to many unwanted diseases.

Here we are to discuss that not having intimate relationship for a long time can lead to you some unwanted problems and what could happen to your body. Most importantly, you are at the hit list of many diseases.

Not having intercourse for long time leads to:


In the fast growing world, where depression and stress are main and most common mental issues. Every second person you met has some kind of stress. But do you know having regular intimate relation with your spouse can make you stress free. Because during love making special type of hormones Endorphins release from your body. Endorphins are also called happy hormones. These hormones make you feel happy, relaxed and realize you your own wellbeing.


For healthy and fit body, you need exercise. And having sex is some kind of exercise because during this procedure your heart rate increase to 120. It is somewhat like a cardio exercise. And according to one study having regular sex; twice a week; can decrease the risk of cardiovascular. Because after love making you feel fresh, you have a bit of exercise, you are stress free, heart pumping becomes better.

Having Weak Immune System:

If you are not having regular sex in your life then be ready to become ill more often. Because making love boosts your immune system and your immune system becomes more powerful towards many germs, viruses. According to study people who are regular in sex are less likely to fell ill as compared to who are irregular. You will suffer from cold and flu more often.

Moody, Lazy and Loss of Confidence:

It you are facing these issues in your life then might be you are irregular in your sexual activity. It is necessary to check your sex routine whether you are regular or irregular. Because when you don’t fulfil the desire of body then a destruction starts occurring into your body. Mind generates the message of desire but when it is ignored; mood swings, laziness in your daily routine, not being able to perform in your work place became a normal issue in your life. You lose confidence in yourself and not being able to face the people because inner of the body is not satisfied and comfortable.

In the last, just to keep yourself healthy you need a regularity in your sexual routine. Have it twice a week and keep your mind and body healthy and happy. Because it’s an old saying “A sound mind is in sound body”

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