5 Skin Problems, One Ultimate Solution COCONUT OIL Look Young Like Never Before

In our technology based world where our lifestyles are fully changed. Technology has a deep impact in our lives, it surely ease our daily routine but on the other side it also effects our health. We stopped using natural products which are definitely better for our health and started using chemically manufactured personal products because we want fast results as a human we are impatient creature, we want fastest solution of every problem. These chemically based products for sure shows the fastest results. But these results are only for short term but leave a long term problems. But if you study the advantages of using natural products and disadvantages of using chemically based products you will surely know how big you are doing a mistake. Skin health is most important for human. Because It increases your self-confidence. You buy extremely priced products for your skin health but they are rich in chemicals that they surely do damage to your skin in long term. But do you know nature has an ultimate solution for your skin problems. Very cheap and very effective solution. Its importance is also not denied by many researchers and dermatologists and skin experts. And the solution is none other than coconut oil. It is a source of divine for your skin.

Solution for Hair Problem:

Hair loss, Dandruff, and dull hair are most common problems. Dandruff in hair is due to rough scalp. When your scalp is dry, you face a problem of dandruff. If the problem of dandruff will not be solved the result is hair loss. But do you know coconut oil is a powerful moisturizer, which keep your scalp moisturized and avoid dandruff and make your hair shinier.

Soother for Dry Skin:

It can be used as a moisturizer lotion. If you apply it and leave over the night on your face, you will see the result on the very first morning that your skins is plain, soft and moisturized. And women who are house wives and face a problem of dish washing parched hands. And if you use coconut oil in the substitution of moisturizer, surely it will give you better results.

Natural Substitute of Shaving Cream:

For arms, under arms and leg shaving, women buy some expensive shaving cream to avoid the skin irritation. But we found a cheap solution in the form of coconut oil. Just use it on the place of cream.

Use It as a Lip Balm and Makeup Cleanser:

Many cosmetic companies have coconut as a main ingredient in making cosmetic products. You can use coconut oil as lip balm and use it as a makeup cleanser, as other cleansing milks sometimes do irritation to your skin but coconut oil works as anti-inflammatory.

Cure of Cellulite in Women:

Cellulite is a main issue now days especially in women. And many women desperately wants to get rid of it. There is a most effective solution of this issue. All you have to make a mixture of these following oils and apply it on affected area on a regular basis.

  • Coconut oil                                                               1cup
  • Young living lemon essential oil                    15 drops
  • Peppermint essential oil                                   5 drops

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