4 Postures, 4 Minutes And Lower Back Pain is All Gone

Lower back pain is most common issue in people of every age. This pain’s increasing rate totally depends upon our life styles and our daily routines. Lower back pain (LBP) mostly caused by exercising way too hard, lifting weights for building abs without the supervision of any trainer, sitting in a wrong posture for a long time. This pain is due to a damage of your ligaments and muscles located in your back. In the start of lower back pain journey, people take it very light and ignore it but by the passing time, it may cause serious damage and on a serious note it may affect your mobility. So, on an initial stage of the pain, try to control it by doing a specific exercise which relief you from pain without medication.

Just follow 4 simple exercises techniques and keep the pain away from you. It only takes 4 to 5 minutes for whole exercise. You can do these exercises without any human help.

First posture:

You have to sit down on a chair with a straight back and put your one leg on the other leg so that your upper leg is parallel to floor, now put a pressure on that leg by using hands and  bend towards it as much as you can. Remain in same posture for about 30 seconds. Now repeat the whole process with other leg.

Second Posture:

All you have to do is to lay down straight on a floor. Lift your right leg up in the air so that it is parallel to floor. Put your Right hand on the knee of leg which is in the air. Put the other hand on the ankle and make a grip on it so that ankle could not move its position and try to pull the knee to the opposite direction of ankle. It should seem like that you are tearing the leg apart. Do the stretch as long as you can. It should not be less than 30 seconds. Repeat the same stretch with opposite leg.

Third Posture:

Easy and very soothing posture. You feel comfort on your back while doing this. Just lay down on the floor straight. And put your right leg on the other leg but keep in mind that right leg should be in standing position so that your right foot should be parallel to the knee of left leg. And put the left arm on the knee of standing leg. And try to pull it towards your chest. Stretch it as much as you can and remain in same posture for 30 seconds. Do it same with other leg.

Fourth Posture:

This posture is like hug to your legs. All you have to do is to lay down straight and put your one leg on the other and raise both of them in the air in a bending posture. Now spread your arms around your legs and hug them tightly. Make this stretch for 30 seconds and repeat it with other leg.

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