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Okay everyone! It’s well into spring and finally starting to feel like summer where I am on the west coast. Time for spring cleaning! Tomorrow my family and I will begin a three day juice cleanse, and I invite you all to join in! The cleanse is pretty simple and not intense at all. It’s a great starter cleanse for those of you who have never done one before.

Essentially the 3 day cleanse consists of three days of consuming nothing but freshly pressed juice. You will choose one kind of juice for the entirety of the cleanse, so choose wisely! I have tried apple, orange, and carrot. I highly recommend the apple, as the orange and carrot start to become overwhelming by the end of day 2.

Why would anyone want to eat nothing but juice for three days?

Essentially the buildup of waste in the body is the starting point to all disease. A cleanse is your way of helping your body to move that waste out of your system quickly and efficiently. The three day cleanse is mild, and no deep cleansing will happen. This means you don’t have to worry about the same degree of cleansing symptoms, but you also won’t see the miraculous results that one often does with an intensive cleanse.

After the cleanse you might feel:

  • Happier
  • More energetic
  • A feeling of lightness
  • Other warm and fuzzy feelings

In addition you might notice:

  • Allergy symptoms disappearing
  • Cold or flu symptoms disappear
  • Minor aches and pains diminished
  • Stomach or digestive pains disappear
  • Etc!

The cleanse itself lasts for 3 full days, but it’s also important to come off the cleanse the right way. You’ll want to ease back into solid food gradually and start with simple meals of fresh fruit or salads. If possible, you should also spend the day before the cleanse begins eating rather lightly as well, with as much raw food as possible. Stop eating as early as possible the day before the cleanse begins, to give your body time to digest the last meal before you go to bed. Try to allow at least 4 hours between your last meal and your bedtime. Ideally you will fast for 6 hours before bed.

beet and spinach juice

How does the cleanse go?

There are some pretty simple guidelines. Here goes!

First thing when you wake up in the morning, drink 2 cups of prune juice. (It’s OK to buy your prune juice rather than trying to make it). We all know what this is going to do! Put politely, it’s going to get your bowels moving and your feet moving to the bathroom at the same time. If you are wary of prune juice, only drink 1 cup or skip it altogether. If you haven’t had a bowel movement by noon, replace one of your juice meals with prune juice.

The prune juice does not only get the bowels moving. It also begins to move toxic matter from the body into the intestines, where it will eventually be released. It is an important part of the cleanse so do your best to be brave and drink it down!

After your first meal of prune juice, wait 30 minutes and have your second meal. This time it’s going to be apple juice (or whatever juice you’ve chosen for your cleanse). Drink one cup of juice.

Believe it or not there is actually a specific way to drink your juice. Digestion begins in the mouth, so we must make a habit of mixing our food with saliva. Often when we drink delicious smoothies and juices, we gulp them down thirstily and an important step of digestion is lost. Swish each mouthful thoughtfully in your mouth before swallowing.

After another half hour, drink one up of distilled water (filtered is OK but distilled is best). Avoid tap water, even if that’s what you normally drink.

Alternate every half hour between one cup of juice and one cup of water.

Three times a day, you must also take 1 tablespoon of cold pressed olive oil. This helps in lubricating your liver and bile ducts for removal of waste. I recommend taking it with the juice. So you take the olive oil and chase it down with juice.

It’s very important to keep track of time. It’s easy to get lost in what you are doing and forget that it’s time for juice or water. But once you start getting hunger pains you will remember! Try keeping your phone alarm set for every half hour to keep you on track. This cleanse is much easier when you take your juice and water on time. If you take them late you risk not getting enough juice or water, becoming dehydrated and feeling tired and crabby. Don’t blame the cleanse if this happens! A cleanse takes a certain level of responsibility on your part.

So that is pretty much it! We’ll be starting the cleanse tomorrow and we just went out today and bought a whole lot of apples! The cashier was giving us sideways glances for sure. You will go through a lot of fruit on this cleanse. So be prepared.

Since this is such a short cleanse, it’s best to do it on the weekend. If you have Saturday and Sunday off, start the cleanse on Friday (bring juice and distilled water to work with you) and then you can spend the last two days of your cleanse relaxing at home.

Have any questions about this or any other cleanse? Ask me in the comment section below! – For your reference, I originally learned about the 3 day juice cleanse from Dr. Christopher, who’s information and methods I highly recommend.

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