Oct 272012
Sun Burger Recipe

This is honestly one of my all time favorite recipes. It is a staple for those trying to transition to a raw or ‘more’ raw diet, as it really satisfies that craving for hot and fatty foods (like burgers and fries). They are really easy to make and take only a few minutes to prepare [Read on...You know you want to]

Sep 262012
Real Raw Russian Salad

Growing up in Russia, my family loved to eat food with this white sauce which was essentially mayo, dill and garlic. I was never really crazy about mayo, so I created this easy vegan version which is delicious. I’ve paired it here with another traditional Russian salad which is incredibly simple. This is a great [Read on...You know you want to]

Jun 272012
Zucchini Pesto Rolls

Being raw doesn’t mean missing out on delicious hors d’œuvre. Quite the contrary! There are virtually endless bite size treats you can make raw and vegan. Here we used our Pistachio Pesto to make some tasty appetizers for your next dinner party. What you’ll need (~20 rolls): 2 medium zucchini squash 1 package cherry tomatoes [Read on...You know you want to]

May 292012
Easy Raw Chocolate Cake

Since we all love chocolate, and we all love cake, here’s a simple and delicious recipe for raw chocolate cake! We made this for a birthday and it was a hit! Remember, raw cacao has great nutritional properties, but only if it remains uncooked and is consumed without dairy. Healthy desserts never tasted so good… [Read on...You know you want to]

May 102012
Pistachio Pesto

If you are prone to snacking on cookies or chips between meals, you are going to love this recipe. A quick dip like pesto or hummus will satisfy your cravings without the bad ingredients from processed snacks. Whip up a big batch of pesto and snack on it instead. One batch will last you a [Read on...You know you want to]

May 042012
Raspberry Lemonade

With summer approaching, it’s time to start collecting your favorite recipes for outdoor adventures with friends. This delicious twist on traditional lemonade is the perfect refreshment for a hot day in the sun. Lemons are also great cleansers, so you can also drink this first thing in the morning to get your digestive system movin’ [Read on...You know you want to]

Apr 262012
Mighty Herb Salad Recipe

When you’re eating salads all the time, it’s easy to get caught up using the same old ingredients every time. Eventually we get bored and fall off the salad bandwagon. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Salads can be spiced up by trying new recipes often, and using new ingredients that you aren’t [Read on...You know you want to]

Mar 132012
Raw Collard Wraps

Wraps were always one of my favorite easy foods. After turning raw, I thought my wrap days were over. But it turns out there are a number of ways you can eat wraps and still be raw. One is to make your own dehydrated wraps. This takes a bit of prep time and the use [Read on...You know you want to]

Mar 092012
Electrolyte Power

This green smoothie is made with celery juice, which is loaded with natural electrolytes. Drink it after your workout or on a hot day if you’re feeling light headed. It’s also a great breakfast smoothie to start off your day. It also has kiwi which is packed with vitamin C to boost your immune system [Read on...You know you want to]

Feb 092012
Mint Lemonade

I never knew how amazing lemons were until recently, they are certainly often overlooked for being as amazing as they are. Lemons are antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidants and a cleansing fruit. They have lots of vitamin C and citric acid (helps with digestion), in addition they have fiber and a variety of phytochemicals and minerals. We [Read on...You know you want to]