May 152012
Tall Green Tiki

For those of you who are still a little frightened of green smoothies, this one’s for you! If you are already a green smoothie aficionado, you’ll be extra excited to try out this recipe. Cilantro is a great cleansing herb, and with the right tools can even help you with your heavy metal detox! If [Read on...You know you want to]

Mar 152012
Raw Vegan Sushi Recipe - Low Fat

Okay okay, I know that the word sushi inherently means the recipe should include rice and probably some fish. Our ‘sushi’ rolls don’t even have rice though, nevermind the lack of seafood! In fact we changed up our recipe to make it a super low fat alternative, even compared to other raw sushi rolls. They [Read on...You know you want to]

Feb 102012
Simple Sprout Salad

If you didn’t read my recent article about growing sprouts, read it now HERE. Now that everyone is super stoked on sprouts, it’s only fitting to have a delicious and simple recipe to go with it. This recipe has no oil or nuts, and is very low in fat. Enjoy those freshly grown sprouts! What [Read on...You know you want to]

Feb 022012
Spicy Pineapple Smoothie

Another great low fat smoothie recipe that leaves out the nuts for those who are looking for delicious recipes without the fat! Whole foods can still make tasty smoothies without any type of milk. You get fiber along with the fruit, so it will still fill you up!       What you’ll need (serves [Read on...You know you want to]

Jan 302012
Super Low Fat Banana Smoothie

It’s not hard to find delicious smoothie recipes, but it is harder to find ones that are low in fat. Smoothies usually contain some kind of milk whether it be dairy milk or nut/soy milk. All have a relatively high fat content. Although I would ration that nut milks are healthier than their dairy alternatives, [Read on...You know you want to]