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Spring has sprung, and for some of us it means more than a mountain of yard work. It can also mean keeping a box of antihistamines close by, and avoiding anything to do with the outdoors. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact most people that try, are able to get rid of all their allergies, seasonal or not. Although pollen in the air may make you cringe and reach for the tissues, the pollen is not actually the problem. Believe it or not!

Why do you suffer from seasonal allergies?

Obviously if you sniff a flower and get a nostril-full of pollen you’re probably going to sneeze, but residual pollen in the air doesn’t bother most people. So, why you? Bad genes? Bad karma? Turns out the problem is actually bad bacteria in your gut!

What does intestinal bacterial have to do with allergies?

You are probably aware that there is such a thing as good and bad bacteria. Your intestinal tract needs to have a supply of good bacteria for your body to properly function. When the bacteria goes out of balance, it means the bad bacteria are taking over. Some of these bad bacteria produce toxins and when left unchecked can cause a whole bunch of problems. One such problem being allergy symptoms.

Why does the toxic buildup show up as an allergy?

An allergy is actually a mild form of autoimmune disease, which means your body is overreacting to antigens. You can think of this as a mild (yes mild) warning from your body that more autoimmune problems are coming if you don’t fix the problem soon. People with autoimmune disorders probably already know that once you have one, you are likely to develop more. For example children with eczema are more likely to develop asthma (up to 40%).

Can I get rid of my allergies?

It depends with every person, and the severity of the reaction, but as a general answer, yes you can get relief from your allergies. Not just the symptoms but the allergy itself. I had a friend who was allergic to raw bell peppers and raw onions and garlic for most of her life. We went on a 7 day cleanse retreat together, and in only one week her allergies completely disappeared and she is now able to eat the foods that used to bother her.

How does that work?

Since the allergy is caused by an imbalance of bacteria in your gut, if you get things back into balance, your body will stop the reaction. Most people (especially those with a severe allergy) might need more than a 7 day cleanse, and I recommend at least a 28 day cleanse if you want to get ‘miracle’ like results. Generally though, cleansing is the answer to almost everything. Get the bad stuff out, and then rebuild your body with good ingredients –fresh whole fruits and vegetables! This works especially well for allergies that develop later in life. Due to our toxic SAD (Standard American Diet), our intestinal bacteria are bombarded with toxins and mucous over and over until eventually they have a really hard time surviving. The pathogenic bacteria gradually takes over and we begin to see our population suffer from every disease under the sun. As we get older, our internal environment generally gets more and more toxic…unless we cleanse and change our diets.

What else can you do to prevent allergies?

Other than a good cleanse, you’ll want to remove dairy from your diet (at least pasteurized dairy). Also, meat products and do your best to reduce or eliminate grains and refined sugars (all forms) from your diet. Adopt a raw vegan diet as much as is practical for you and your lifestyle.

Allergies don’t have to control you. Spring should be a time of excitement and outdoor fun, not dread of runny noses. Grab hold of the reins, take responsibility for your life and do what you can to get rid of those allergies! It can be done!

Do you have an allergy success story? Share it with everyone below!

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  2 Responses to “Seasonal Allergies Getting You Down?”

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  1. I was AMAZED when a friend of mine completely cured herself of her allergies. She had hayfever and pollen allergies since she was about 13 and after a few cleanses she is now allergy free!

    • It is truly amazing what our bodies can do when we give them the right resources. Congratulations to your friend for taking the initiative. It’s not always easy, but it is possible. Thanks for your comment, Yoni :)