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One of the most important steps if you want to lose weight naturally is changing your diet. Whether you have tried them or not, you probably know that those fad diets where you eat whatever you want while still losing weight NEVER ever work. Let me repeat that, they DO NOT WORK! Many of them do temporarily but it’s rare for anyone to keep the weight off. More than likely you will just be causing health problems for yourself down the road. The way to real health and vitality is though proper nutrition with as much whole raw organic foods as you can.

When you switch to a raw food diet or whole food based diet, there are some essential products that will make your life easier. Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. A juicer:This is the #1 thing I recommend people to buy first. The other stuff can wait, you can do with what you already have. But if you don’t have a juicer. Go get one! Juice fresh organic fruits and vegetables as much as you can. Have a glass of fresh apple juice every morning for breakfast and skip on the cereal and milk. Doing this small step alone will benefit your health so much. Juicing fruits and veggies provides a delicious glass of the most powerful multivitamin you could ever get. Better than the most expensive brand of pill at the pharmacy. Juicing makes the nutrition available for the body so it’s easily assimilated, drinking it first thing in the morning will make you feel awesome. You’ll be surprised at how filling a glass of real juice is (not like the concentrate you buy in a carton). There is a lot of talk about what is the right juicer, what is the best one to get, in the end IT DOESN’T matter. Especially if you are just starting. We still use the first juicer we got, later on you can search for specialty ones that juice things like wheat grass. For now, just get one, ANY one, and use it EVERY DAY.

  2. A blender: This is SO important in so many ways. You can make so many meals with a good blender (smoothies, soups, fruit crème, nut milk and butter, etc etc). Most people have an old blender sitting in the cupboard somewhere. I remember having so many blenders growing up and not one of them ever worked right. I recommend getting a high-speed blender ASAP if you are serious about raw food. Making nut butter will destroy the motor in most conventional blenders, as they just don’t have the power to pulverize the nuts.
    We love our Blendtec but some people swear by the Vitamix. Blendtec vs Vitamix? You can’t go wrong either way, both are name brand ( = pricey). The Vitamix has a built-in plunger, so you won’t sacrifice any spatulas.

    The Blendtec is the brand used by most commercial places like Jugo Juice and Starbucks, and it has convenient presets for different blending cycles.
    If you can’t handle dishing out $300+ for a blender just yet, I used to use this one:

    It’s under $100 from Wal-Mart. Even though it doubles as a food processor, treat it gently when dealing with nuts or ice cubes. As long as you’re careful it should do the trick for a while.
  3. A dehydrator: Many people never get a dehydrator, so it’s in no way required. What it will do however, is open up a whole new world of raw foods to you. Food is still considered raw as long as it doesn’t go over ~100° (exact temp varies depending on the source). With a dehydrator you can make raw crackers, breads, chips, burgers and much more. I’m still surprised at the variety of raw dishes that are available using this one appliance. The star in the biz is the Excalibur dehydrator.

    It has adjustable temperature, some even have timers and it’s easy to clean. Downside is the price. For the first few years of our raw food adventure we used this round model from Wal-Mart, at $50 it won’t take much food off the table.

    No frills. It’s harder to clean and easier to break. So be gentle if you want it to last. Either way these things use MUCH less energy than making a meal with a conventional oven, so you can boast to your friends about how much energy you save.
  4. A food processor: Again this guy is not an urgent need, but it can save you SO much time that once you have one, you’ll wonder why you ever went without. It can chop, slice and grate things faster than you can drop them in. Coming from someone who almost lost the tip of her finger using a mandolin slicer (now exiled from my kitchen) the food processor is much safer than any other way to hack up your food. We have this Kitchen Maid model, under $200 that we love.

Do you have any other tools you love to use in your kitchen? What makes you partial to a certain brand? Share all your comments below.

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  1. I love my spiralizer! I use it to make pasta-like dishes out of zucchini…