Nov 102011
There are so many nutritional benefits in young coconuts. For example they have more electrolytes than any sports drink. Check out this website for tons of information on coconuts. This fruit alone makes me wish I lived somewhere tropical. Their only downside? They take a bit of work to enjoy. But once you do it a few times you’ll get the hang of it and realize it’s not so bad.

So here is what a young coconut looks like:

In some places these are hard to find. I live in Canada, and all the Asian Supermarkets usually have them, Superstore also carries them in their produce section. It can be tricky to know which are gone bad before you cut them open. But as a general rule, you want a coconut that is heavy for its size, and if you shake it, you should not hear the water splashing around inside.

Once you have a coconut sitting in front of you like this, get a knife. Make sure it’s BIG and SHARP. I use a meat cleaver. First you want to shave off all the extra padding from the top

Once you have it all shaved off it will look like this from the top.

Next we need to get the coconut water out. Using the sharp corner of your knife (NOT the point and NOT the sharp edge you use for cutting) puncture 3-4 holes in the top of the coconut.

The idea is to make a small thumb sized hole with these punctures. You will have to peel the flesh back to reach the inside.


Now pour the water directly into your blender. At this point, check to make sure the coconut has not gone bad. It’s hard to tell at the grocery store if they are good or not. The water should be completely clear. If there is any pink tinge to it, it’s going bad. Once you drain the water, you want to get at the meat inside the coconut.

Slip the sharp edge of your knife into the hole you made for the water. Use this as leverage to slice off the top of the coconut. Since we scraped off the excess shell, this shouldn’t be too hard of a task.

When you have the top off the coconut, you can use a spoon to scrape off the meat. Again make sure it is not pink at all. Blend together with vanilla extract to make coconut milk, or enjoy however you like. I love to drink the water and eat the meat without doing anything special to them. One of my favorite refreshing and healthy snacks!

Do you have a better way of opening a coconut? Do you know how to tell if they are good before you buy them at the store? Share your stuff below!

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