Jun 112012
Three Day Juice Cleanse

Okay everyone! It’s well into spring and finally starting to feel like summer where I am on the west coast. Time for spring cleaning! Tomorrow my family and I will begin a three day juice cleanse, and I invite you all to join in! The cleanse is pretty simple and not intense at all. It’s [Read on...You know you want to]

May 012012
Woke Up With A Sore Throat? 5 Steps To Kick The Cough Quick!

We’ve all been there. You have a lot to do tomorrow, maybe go to bed a little stressed and wake up the next morning with a scratchy throat. It’s not a full on cold yet, but you know by about 4 or 5 pm you’re going to feel like dirt. This happened to me a [Read on...You know you want to]

Apr 232012
Perfect Skin - Naturally

The beauty industry is one of the biggest in the world. We are pummeled constantly with advertisements showcasing beautiful skin and the products you need to buy in order to get it. The truth is that clear, fresh skin is relatively easy to come by, and you don’t actually need any expensive products to get [Read on...You know you want to]

Apr 062012
Seasonal Allergies Getting You Down?

Spring has sprung, and for some of us it means more than a mountain of yard work. It can also mean keeping a box of antihistamines close by, and avoiding anything to do with the outdoors. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact most people that try, are able to get rid [Read on...You know you want to]

Mar 192012
Sudden Skin Issue? Check For These Ingredients In Your Food

I recently came across a blog post by a woman who after moving to Australia became suddenly very allergic to certain food additives. Being that these ingredients are in many packaged and processed foods, even some labeled as healthy, she suffered from a severe rash for over a year before pinpointing the cause of her [Read on...You know you want to]

Jan 062012
Dangers of Dieting Part 2 : Starvation Diets

As the population gets fatter, more people are giving in to the so called easiness of fad diets. There are more weird diets out there now than I can keep track of. Most of them are actually dangerous to our health, and almost none of them work in the long run. Read on to find [Read on...You know you want to]

Jan 052012
Eating For The Thyroid

Low thyroid function (hypothyroid) is actually one of the most common conditions in North America. The jury is still out on a cure, but there are still things you can do to keep your thyroid healthy. Remember just because you have a slow or fast thyroid gland, you may not need medication. It’s also important [Read on...You know you want to]

Dec 232011
Losing Weight and Getting Healthy - More Pieces to the Puzzle

Food is the first obvious thing people change when they want to lose weight. Or maybe they don’t change much about the food, but they start exercising more. Both are great ideas. I recommend a change in diet as well as regular exercise. But there is another piece to the puzzle. Diet and exercise are [Read on...You know you want to]