Jul 222012
7 Ways to Transform Your Health Now!

We all want to be living a healthy vibrant life, but how many of us really are? We tend to get into our routine and stick with habits that we know are not serving us. Well, transforming your health is easier than you think! Change your unhealthy habits little by little, and you’ll be surprised [Read on...You know you want to]

Jul 112012
Chocolate Banana Popsicles

The first time I tried banana fruit creme I was hooked! It’s so sweet, creamy and delicious, and is one of the only fruits that when prepared frozen can curb my ice cream cravings. If you didn’t know, ice cream is full of cholesterol, fat, and all the bad things that come from dairy (pesticides, [Read on...You know you want to]

Jul 042012
Zucchini 'Noodle' Salad

I admit I’m not the biggest fan of raw noodle dishes. I know all too well that there are some flavors and comfort dishes that just cannot be recreated raw. Noodles are one of those things! Although I am a big fan of kelp noodles, I am still wary of the processing that goes into [Read on...You know you want to]