Apr 262012
Mighty Herb Salad Recipe

When you’re eating salads all the time, it’s easy to get caught up using the same old ingredients every time. Eventually we get bored and fall off the salad bandwagon. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Salads can be spiced up by trying new recipes often, and using new ingredients that you aren’t [Read on...You know you want to]

Apr 232012
Perfect Skin - Naturally

The beauty industry is one of the biggest in the world. We are pummeled constantly with advertisements showcasing beautiful skin and the products you need to buy in order to get it. The truth is that clear, fresh skin is relatively easy to come by, and you don’t actually need any expensive products to get [Read on...You know you want to]

Apr 182012
Raw Wild Rice Sushi Recipe

Along with my last post on blooming wild rice, here is a fun recipe to use your new talent. Remember that wild rice is not really ‘raw’ because it has been pasteurized. But it still has a LOT of great nutrition (think B vitamins, protein, iron and other minerals), and you can prepare it by [Read on...You know you want to]

Apr 162012
The Wonders of Wild Rice

White rice is beginning to make a bad name for itself. Significantly lacking in vitamins due to the removal of the germ, white rice is basically just empty carbohydrates. People have even started touting studies suggesting that white rice could link to diabetes. Whether the link is significant or not doesn’t really matter, because luckily [Read on...You know you want to]

Apr 122012
Snooze Master: Is Sleep Healthy?

We all know that a good sleep makes us feel great, alert, and is part of a balanced lifestyle. But most of us only know this as a piece of knowledge we read in a book, bad sleep patterns are one of the most common bad habits. Whether you like to stay up to surf [Read on...You know you want to]

Apr 062012
Seasonal Allergies Getting You Down?

Spring has sprung, and for some of us it means more than a mountain of yard work. It can also mean keeping a box of antihistamines close by, and avoiding anything to do with the outdoors. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact most people that try, are able to get rid [Read on...You know you want to]

Apr 022012
Is Organic Fish Part Of A Healthy Diet?

In a strange world where ‘vegetarians’ sometimes eat fish and chicken, you might be wondering…”Are these foods OK as long as they are organic/free range/wild farmed etc.?” Certainly paying a premium for quality meats is better than eating regular ground beef… right? Well, have you ever checked out any of the real research to see [Read on...You know you want to]