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The driving force and passion behind this site is simple: optimal health. Achieving the very best state of healthiness possible. In today’s day and age where we know so much about nutrition and how it affects the human body, you’d think that everyone would be in peak health. However, that’s not the case. It seems that the more we know about the benefits of eating the right kind of things to power our minds, bodies and souls, the more people remain in a state of ignorance.

Inner city areas are often referred to as “food deserts” – whole districts where the inhabitants have no access to quality, fresh, nutritional food. There’s nothing but fast food on the menu. How can we have arrived at a situation like this?!

Our big picture? A world of healthy people who live sustainably. I recognize that the way food is being produced and what foods are being eating in western culture right now is not sustainable. We’re on board to change it back to the way nature intended. No fad dieting, no crazy supplements, just pure whole food. If you are skeptical about eating boring carrots sticks and salad, not to worry. We have plenty of experience in making healthy food be delicious. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get healthy or just feel better.

My name is Kimmi Von Haften. Nutrition is my passion and RealRawHealth.com is my effort to turn the tide on the ignorance perpetrated by those that have a greater interest in profit over ensuring that the population is adequately fed. Optimal health is not difficult to achieve – you just need to know what kind of things to eat and what to avoid. Join me on my quest to bring health to the world!

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